test 1

Early in the morning pondering why I don't have a cup of coffee in front of me I need to test the blogishness of the new site. Let's talk about mouthpieces. I recently upgraded (judging from the price!) to a Jody Jazz DV for both alto and tenor (6 & 8* respectively). I had been playing (and still do from time to time) a Meyer 8M on alto and a Berg Larsen 130/0 duckbill metal. The first thing I noticed was that the machine work is exquisite and very clean. I compared it to an older rubber berg from the 70s which, although it plays wonderfully, looks like it was carved out with a paring knife. The beak is very much like an Otto Link which has always been very comfortable. There's a cutout in the table which would seem to capture or allow more reed vibration which seems like it would enhance the sound. The general design uses a bright baffle dropping into a large round chamber. This seems like a newer concept which Theo Wanne and Francois Louis both use to describe their new pieces also. I tried a TW at Perry's insistence to compare and it seemed one dimensional in comparison to the JJ DV which promised depth and versatility. I have to say I have not been disappointed in the Tenor piece. I'm using it pretty much exclusively although I wouldn't use it for any "legit" playing. I put on a Selmer Larry Teal C* and a Rousseau 4R not long ago and was newly impressed by the LT. Never throw anything away. On alto I'm still using the Meyer for polite gigs - brunches with no drums etc. but the DV is certainly the piece of choice for higher energy gigs. I was having some difficulty making the low end speak cleanly with the Selmer S80 C** so I ordered a Vandoren V5/A35. I'm looking forward to trying that because there's been a VD vs. Selmer battle going on for decades.
End of blog 1.