• Alto - Selmer Mark VI #17x,xxx
  • .....Jody Jazz DV 6 or a Meyer 8M or a Vandoren V5/A35
  • Tenor - Selmer Mark VI #20x,xxx silver-plated in 2009
  • .....Jody Jazz DV 8* or a 7, or a Berg Larsen 130/0 - or a 125/2 HR
  • Tenor - Selmer Mark VI #11x,xxx
  • Soprano - Yamaha 475
  • .....Jody Jazz HR 6 or a Selmer S80-F
  • Flute - Armstrong 303
  • Most of my reeds are VanDorens of various kinds (ZZ, BlueBox, Java...) 3 - 3.5
  • Down in image number 2
  • Yanigasawa Soprano circa 1975 $350 from Zavarella's.
  • Mr. Malerne made clarinets for some of the majors and then made some under his own name. I have a Standard and a Professional. Each of them cost (are you sitting down?) $25. Both wood, the Professional may have silver keys. I need to take them to Lee before I start playing Nawlins music.
  • .....Otto Link 5 mouthpiece
  • ............Mitchel Lurie 2 1/5 reeds
  • Down in image 3 we have some guitars. I got a lot of work by doubling on guitar and (ahem) vocals. The guitar I used when I was working full time was a black Ibanez AR50. I sold that but recently got another red one. The Strat is a Fender made in Mexico. Both of those actually belong to my daughter but they are staying at my house. The Martin is an MMX from Guitar Center. I think it's basically a D-28 with whimpy bracing. I love this guitar! I love the way it vibrates in my chest.
  • I usually use GHS Boomers 11s for electric and might do Martin or D'adario 13s on the acoustic.