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For a date the wife and I went to Clarice Smith to see Brad Mehldau/Chris Thile tonight. The executive summary is: fantastic, perfect, inspirational. I knew that Brad is one of those cats who will shape the music in the future. All I had heard is a few things on Yoo Toob but you can tell quickly that his technique is unsurpassed and that he is tuned in to some wavelength that will evolve the music. Perhaps I should explain. Some cats think that "Jazz" is a genre that deserves to be preserved under glass - Satchmo, Duke, you get the idea.

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Early in the morning pondering why I don't have a cup of coffee in front of me I need to test the blogishness of the new site. Let's talk about mouthpieces. I recently upgraded (judging from the price!) to a Jody Jazz DV for both alto and tenor (6 & 8* respectively). I had been playing (and still do from time to time) a Meyer 8M on alto and a Berg Larsen 130/0 duckbill metal. The first thing I noticed was that the machine work is exquisite and very clean.

1 - New website

I was getting tired of the other hosting situation. was, for the last 3 years, intended to be temporary until I got it together to do a better site. Events conspired for me to learn this thing called Drupal at work and it is the solution. I was pointed towards Drupal hosting sites and they are cheaper than the other site which was, admittedly, easier to maintain. The secret is this also enhances my IT career. It's a win/win situation. The good folks at A2 hosting have been most helpful and understanding to get this old fart up to speed technically.

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