Greenbelt Jam Sessions return for our 6th year!

Sept. 7 - 4ThaGruv is hosting the jam session at the Corner Lounge / Eaglewolf
Sept. 8 - 4ThaGruv is performing at Claudia's Steakhouse from 8-11 ish : 15th and Kst
Sept. 16 - Capital Blues Ensemble is at the Greenbelt Blues Festival @ 3PM
Sept. 16 - I'm subbing for John Overholser at the Hershey in Gaithersburg 9-12
Sept. 21 - I'm back at the Corner with 4ThaGruv
Sept. 23 - Mike Grasso is hosting the jam at the New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt 1-5
Sept. 23 - I am at the Ellicott City Fall Festival with 4ThaGruv
Sept. 30 - I am in Lorton with the CBE.
Oct. 14 - I am in front of Funkis Omnibus at the Greenbelt Jazz Festival 7-8
Oct. 28 - I will be hosting the Jam Session at the New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt, MD. 1-5


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